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  • State pensions: not quite what was advertised

    posted on Monday, 15th May 2017

    Tagged under: Pension  State Pension 

    Most people reaching state pension age today are receiving less than the new state pension.   A Freedom of Information (FoI) request from the Sunday Times revealed an interesting fact about the new state pension, which started life just over a year ago on 6 April 2016. The newspaper asked how many people who had reached state pension age (SPA) since that date had received at least the new state pension (originally £155.65 a week, now £159.55). The response from the Department for Work and Pensions (DWP) was that between 6 April 2016 and 31 August 2016 - so roughly in the first five months - 41% of people reaching their SPA (65...

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  • The rising dividend and the falling pound

    posted on Tuesday, 7th March 2017

    Tagged under: Investments  Finance  Dividends 

    Recently released figures show that UK dividends grew faster than inflation in 2016. The number crunchers at Capita Asset Services, one of the UK's main share registrars, have been working out how much was paid out in dividends by UK listed companies in 2016. The number they have come up with is £84.7bn, an increase of 6.6% (£5.2bn) on the 2015 figure and well ahead of the rate of inflation. Dig down into the data and some interesting facts emerge: • Capita calculates that £4.8bn of that £5.2bn rise is due to the impact of the weaker pound. • Special dividends - one-off payments often associated with mergers or asset sales -...

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  • National Savings & Investments are cutting interest rates from 1 May.

    posted on Monday, 6th March 2017

    Tagged under: Investments  Premium Bonds 

    National Savings and Investments (NS&I) has announced that it will be cutting interest on four of its variable rate products from 1 May. It says the cuts follow on from the Bank of England's base rate cut to 0.25%, a reduction which occurred last August. Clearly NS&I has been in no rush to react. The changes will leave Income Bonds and the Direct ISA both paying 0.75% interest, well below the latest (January) 2.6% rate of RPI inflation. The cuts will once again remove NS&I from the top rungs of the league tables where, unusually, they have been for some months. By shaving 0.25% off its current rates on these two products, NS&...

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