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The Importance of being Independent

Financial advisers come in different shapes and sizes. There are those who can only offer restricted advice, such as advisers who represent an insurer group, and those who are fully independent, such as ourselves.

We are passionate about providing our clients with the best possible information, advice and standards of service. Our regulatory status as Independent Financial Advisers provides us with access to an exhaustive range of financial plans and investments from all regulated UK financial services providers. This access enables us to make open and
calculated recommendations to you based upon the solution we feel will best meet your needs and expectations.

Our ability to tap into the 'whole of the market' for financial plans and products is only part of our independent status though. Real independence is about the separation of financial advice from the recommendation or sale of a financial product. In other words, a true financial adviser should be paid for a recommendation or opinion regardless of the outcome, as it is their knowledge and expertise you are truly investing in.

We will discuss with you how we are paid for what we deliver for our clients, and the cost of our services would be agreed before any significant work commences. It's important for us to be completely transparent about our costs and services to avoid misunderstandings and also to ensure we are entirely unbiased in our professional opinion. Before you appoint a financial adviser or commit yourself to any expense, make sure you understand how much you will be charged for the advice and services that you require and what payment options are available. Only then can you be sure whether the adviser has a vested interest in what they may or may not recommend.

We also believe that rather than expecting to be sold a financial product, our clients and customers choose Blackett Walker because they want to make educated and informed decisions about the financial options available to them, to ensure their money is working as hard as possible for them.

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