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Are you getting a return on your investment?

Attract and retain your core talent, ensure they value the benefits you offer and improve the return on your investment in employee benefits.

Employee Benefits

Employee Benefits

Loyal, talented and experienced staff are often hard to find. Once you have found them
it's important that you keep hold of them. In a continually challenging economic climate employee benefits have never been more important and can make a huge difference to the perception of your business.

We can work closely with you to design and manage employee benefits that will deliver real value to your workforce.

We offer the following employee benefit services to employers on a completely independent basis:

  • Design of suitable and effective benefit schemes including group pension
  • Procurement and management of employee benefit schemes
  • Review and appraisal of existing employee benefits
  • Group Pension advice and management (Defined Benefit and Defined Contribution schemes)
  • Group Life Assurance (Death-in-Service cover)
  • Group Income Protection (Permanent Health Insurance)
  • Group Private Medical Insurance plans
  • Disability benefits & Critical Illness cover 

Added value for your company

It doesn't matter how good your company's employee benefits are if your employees don't fully appreciate their value.

We can help you devise and implement employee communications and benefits management processes that ensure the value and significance of the benefits you offer are appreciated fully by your workforce. From employee presentations to a fully interactive website to communicate your benefits messages, we can provide all the services you need. We can also ensure your benefits package evolves with your business and reflects the career progression of your valued employees.

Our team can also help you to comply with regulations such as Auto Enrolment into
Workplace pensions, the various Pensions Acts, salary sacrifice regulations, and the registration of Registered Group Life Assurance Schemes if you have any.

Added value for your employees

With our help, the benefits you provide can be matched to the differing priorities and
needs of employees. Whether that means planning for retirement, providing childcare,
protecting a family's income, or obtaining a retail discount voucher through facilities you could make available; all employees will view their benefits package differently. If you're a larger business you could even introduce Flexible Benefits to allow each employee to choose benefits they feel are most appropriate.

We can work with you and them providing all the help they need to make informed decisions. Knowing that you regard their financial wellbeing and quality of life so highly
can make a huge difference to an employee's motivation and loyalty.

We can also help you show your commitment to employees in other ways. This can include undertaking comprehensive retirement planning (with access to one of our
Retirement Courses) and offering 'financial awareness' programmes for employees. Should you be faced with the unfortunate situation of downsizing during difficult trading periods, we can also offer redundancy counselling to those directly affected.

Services for Executives and senior employees

For senior employees and executives who may require detailed individual advice about their pensions and investments, we can offer a tailored version of our Private Client
Services, which could be offered as an additional employee benefit to them, or simply facilitated by the employer and paid for by the individual. This can greatly enhance a senior employee's experience of pensions in particular, and we would be pleased to discuss this service in more detail.

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