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Expert opinion

Specialist advice and support services to scheme trustees, sponsoring employers, or scheme members.

Pension Consulting

Pension Consulting

From trustees and employers to employees we can work with your organisation to ensure your pension scheme is delivering.

Services to Trustees

  • Investment advice and asset management
  • Strategic advice
  • Scheme review and service supplier appraisal
  • Documentation reviews
  • Member communications including presentations, intranet content and newsletters
  • Retirement services e.g. annuity purchase for Defined Contribution scheme members

Services to Employers

  • Defined Benefit pension scheme liability management advice
  • Pension scheme cost reduction strategies
  • Scheme design and procurement of services (e.g. scheme administration, investment management, actuarial services, legal services)
  • Employee communications to increase awareness about benefits value
  • Retirement Courses for employees
  • Retirement services for employees (e.g. annuity purchase, assisting with decision-making)
  • Detailed pension advice for senior employees and Directors

We would be happy to meet to discuss your own pension scheme and offer a free independent appraisal.

Services to Employees

  • Advice about the taxation of pension scheme benefits for employees who may exceed the Pension Annual Allowance or Lifetime Allowance.
  • Advice for Doctors who are members of the NHS Pension Scheme, as we are acknowledged as having expertise on the subject of the taxation of their NHS Pension benefits.
  • Advice to members of Defined Benefit pension schemes who have been offered a transfer value (or an enhanced transfer) to leave the scheme.

For a free initial consultation call us on 0191 653 1025.