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The acquisition and preservation of wealth can seem daunting, our qualified independent advisers create tailored solutions to meet your specific requirements.

Portfolio Review Services

Portfolio Review Services

Our approach to investments

Making your money work harder is what we are here for and what we do best.

We provide a non-discretionary investment management service overseen by our experienced Investment Committee. Our first priority is to establish your financial circumstances and preferences. Determining your attitude to risk and what you want your money to achieve will help us to shape your portfolio effectively - it has to reflect your needs and aspirations.

If you have young children, for example, the ongoing need to pay school fees may be an issue. Similarly, if you wish to be able to retire from your business by a certain age, future planning to achieve this will be important.

We can help you arrange your investments in line with your aims to ensure you achieve your goals. Moreover, our ability to appreciate the bigger picture can pay real dividends in terms of long-term investment, tax and retirement planning.

Ultimately, our priority is to help you achieve the quality of life that you want now and
in the future.

Independent and proactive

As an independent firm, we have access to all types of collective investment and financial plans to meet your objectives - we are not tied to a certain set of products or services. Following our in-depth research, we will compile a suitable range of investments for you, based on the risk profile and timescales you are comfortable with.

We believe proactive asset allocation is key to sound long-term investment performance, so we undertake regular reviews of our clients' investments through our Portfolio Management Service. These reviews take into account any changes in circumstances or priorities, and the fact that some asset classes will often produce different investment results than others. If this is ever the case, we may suggest re-balancing your portfolio in order to maintain the original risk profile.

Annuity Services

Our aim is to simplify the financial management process while providing you with all of
the information you need to make key financial decisions from an informed viewpoint.

As well as undertaking the administration of your portfolio, we monitor economic and
market conditions and give you regular reports and valuations. Our Investment Committee - chaired by an independent third party - meets monthly to review preferred collective investment funds, and our asset-allocation strategies are reviewed twice yearly.

We manage portfolios on a non-discretionary basis, which means we always consult you and obtain your agreement before any changes are made to your investments.

We appreciate that the acquisition and preservation of wealth can sometimes seem
daunting. We also know money can be a sensitive subject for many and so we strive to create a sense of security here at Blackett Walker. We respect your money and the need to understand what it means to you so wherever possible you'll work with the same people in our team to create a bond of trust.

Ongoing Service

While we offer a no-cost introductory meeting we prefer to work strategically with our clients over sustained periods of time, agreeing a level of service which is tailor made to suit your needs. Reviews are vital to ensure your plans remain on track, therefore, we recommend meetings are held at regular intervals so we can continually assess your investments and plan accordingly.

To arrange a free initial consultation please call us on 0191 653 1025.