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Planning for the future

We'll help you make informed financial decisions so you can afford to retire when you want to. Our experts are experienced in the fields of investment management and inheritance tax planning. We also provide specialist advice to business owners, including succession planning and exit strategies.

Retirement Services

Retirement Services

On average the period of time spent in retirement can represent a third of a lifetime and in our experience the people who have the longest and happiest retirements are those who have effectively planned ahead.

Retirement planning can be complicated and specialist independent advice ensures you will get the most out of your fund. However it's also crucial to look beyond standard pension plans and evaluate your assets as a whole. It's essential you make the right choices for you and your lifestyle and at Blackett Walker we are committed to understanding what your money means to you now and what it needs to signify in the future.

A pension represents something different to each individual and it's vital that you understand the extensive range of options available to you to secure your pension income.  From guaranteed annuities, investment based annuities to income drawdown, the choices and options are almost endless but we can help you navigate the options available and empower you to make the best possible choice for your circumstances.

Even if you currently have a plan in place are you confident you have secured the best advice and as a result the best provision? For example if you prefer guaranteed income then it's unlikely your existing pension provider is paying the best annuity rate. As we are completely independent we can help you to use the Open Market Option to identify the highest rate of pension income. Alternatively, if you suffer from health problems or are a smoker then an Enhanced Lifetime Annuity may be available to you as our experience shows one in three retirees have a medical condition that can potentially lead to an increase in their retirement income. If a guaranteed income is not a driver for you then other solutions such as investment based annuities or income drawdown may provide a higher return.

The important issue here is choice and choices are dependent upon knowledge: knowledge of the market and its products but more importantly a real knowledge of the client and your needs and aspirations.

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