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NHS Pension specialists

Medical practitioners require specialist financial advice. Our expertise and in-depth understanding of your needs and complex NHS pension legislation is unrivalled.

Specialist advice for Medical Professionals

Specialist advice for Medical Professionals

Our expertise in the medical and healthcare industry is unrivalled in the North and we are regarded as one of the leading financial consultancies across the UK in this particular field. Our niche expertise is utilised by medical professionals including, GPs, Hospital Doctors, Consultants and Dentists.

The Hutton Report had far reaching implications for public service pensions and this
combined with continual changes to the NHS pension scheme has raised significant issues for those in the industry.

Do you really understand the reduction in the Lifetime Allowance, introduction of the Annual Allowance, increase in contribution rates and potential increases to your
retirement age? Either way, this complex legislation should and must not be underestimated.

Whether you would simply like to review your pension benefits, receive advice on how to maximise your retirement income or plan early retirement, our team of experts is ideally placed to guide you through the many options so you can make an informed financial decision to suit your own specific needs.

Our expertise includes:

  • Dedicated NHS pension advice
  • Wealth preservation & tax planning
  • Portfolio management services
  • Retirement planning - maximise your income
  • Plan for early retirement
  • Educational courses /workshops

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